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I thank my son for encouraging me to write. Putting my experiences down "on paper" has helped me to organize sometimes chaotic thoughts into something more understandable - at least to me, and give me new direction of self-improvement. Writing can be good therapy.

There is a wealth of information 'out there' and you are also encouraged to read, read, read and find what works best for you!
Afterall, being informed is a great start to living a better healthier life!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Mental and Physical Effects of Stress

Stress in any form can cause numerous health problems, ranging from anxieties, phobias, digestive problems, even becoming more susceptable to illnesses all because STRESS wears down your immune system.

Relational stress in the home, family, workplace and any other interactions taken seriously that has a high level of negativity and/or conflict is more likely to cause
some level of coronary event than of course that of a more positive aspect.

Stress can also, over time, have a very detrimental effect on the neurological centers in the brain. When exposed to emotional stress over extended periods of time, a breakdown occurs in the neo-cortex - the center of reason, logic and higher functions of the brain - resulting in the loss of control over emotional responses.

There's no way to get rid of all the stressors in our lives but we can do things to make our lives easier to manage. We should contiunally work toward developing healthy and positive relationships.

There are also times when we should step away and remove ourselves from stressful environments. Exercising, listening to soft music, yoga, meditation, getting together with friends or a warm bubble bath at the end of the day are only a few suggestions of ways to feel better, to feel more in control of life.

Sometimes alone time in a quiet environment helps to calm the mind, body and spirit allowng you to work on yourself from the inside out.

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