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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rejection comes from a variety of sources: pre- or current employers, family or friends.  Rejection begins and ends with naming the faults of , but never recognizing the strengths in the rejected individual.  Understanding the mechanisms of rejection and making positive choices of how to handle negative messages are the most fundamental keys to safeguarding your self esteem and sense of self worth.
Rejection is not an expression of loyalty, and contributes nothing to a relationship except to absolve the person blaming from any responsibility to engage in problem solving or remain loyal. Rejection causes an immediate reaction in the receiving party to turn inward in a negative way, causing feelings of sadness, an outcast, frustration, confusion, anger, unworthiness.

The feelings imposed from an act of rejection are not necessarily about what was done, but rather how the situation played out; how it was done and what was said.

Rejection toward job seekers and from employers are among the most common. While hurtful, it is not nearly as harmful as rejection by close friends or family. The more intimate the relationship in which rejection is experienced, the greater the damage done, and the more challenging it can be to overcome the effects.

Overcoming rejection in any form means facing your fears and expressing and sharing your experience, no matter how shameful the perception and placing focus on the positives. Be proactive in your recovery from a very ego damaging experience by choosing not to internalize the negative message you have received.

Rejection does not need to be a devastating experience. You have the power to choose how you are going to understand the messages of rejection and how you decide to integrate these messages into your mental well-being and personal growth.

Rejection is not the end of a road.
Rejection is only a step on the path to success and healthy relationships.

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